Do Flavoured Coffee Beans Break a Fast?

If you are following one of the latest dieting and fitness trends like the Ketogenic Diet or Intermittent Fasting, then you will be very interested in the question above.

Intermittent fasting involves following a schedule of eating and fasting, usually in a format of 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating. While it is possible to follow an intermittent fasting eating routine while also following the ketogenic diet, the two are not mutually exclusive. With the Keto diet, your aim is to basically convert your diet to a high fat, low sugar, medium protein one.

It is important in either dietary plan that you follow the guidelines strictly or you will not get the benefits of the effects. For example, ketosis is a special metabolic process that occurs naturally when the circumstances are right. During ketosis if your body cannot melt glucose for energy because there is not enough, it then starts burning stored fats as well, causing you to lose weight.

If you are following either of these, there may be questions you have about your favourite beverage. While white coffees and those with lots of sugar and cream may be off the cards, are there any alternatives to black coffee (Which for some is simply bleak and unappealing)?

That’s what we are going to look at in the following post. Whether or not flavoured coffee beans will break a fast or not.

Break the Fast

Normally, drinking a coffee that had anything other than water in it would break your fasting period. Therefore, if you can only stomach milky coffees, it can be much harder to stick to these dietary plans. Although in certain circumstances, the use of a small amount of cream in a cup of coffee may not knock you out of ketosis or properly break your fast, as with sugar and milk, it is best avoided.

Maintain the Fast

In order to maintain your fast, while benefitting from that invigorating cup of coffee you like in the morning or those several cups you appreciate in your life, it is best to switch to straight forward black coffee. This is not to everyone’s taste, we understand. Which is why you may be interested in trying one of the many flavoured coffee beans there are these days.

Does flavoured coffee break a fast?

The good news is that, as nothing is generally added to the flavoured coffee beans during the brewing process, they are completely fine and will not cause you to break a fast. It will be just like drinking black coffee or black tea, with more flavour.

If the sweetness or flavouring was achieved in any other way, such as the addition of a special syrup or another additive, it would be the same problem you were facing as you were with adding cream, milk and sugar.

If you’re interested in trying a different flavoured coffee take a look at one of our top picks below, with such a large selection, they cater for every taste.