How Many Grams of Coffee Beans Per Cup?

If you have gone to the trouble of spending a reasonable amount of money on decent coffee beans, you will undoubtedly want to get your money’s worth and get to grips with making the best cup of coffee possible. Every great cup of coffee starts with great preparation and the first step towards a perfect cup of coffee is measuring the right amount of coffee beans.

There is a lot of debate, you won’t be shocked to hear if you have read any of our other posts or conducted your own research on coffee beans and how many you need. In the following post we are going to try and break it down a little and discuss two options for measuring the amount of coffee beans you are going to use to make the coffee.

To really get the best out of your coffee beans it is best to use filtered water. This does not the flavours you often can taste from water that has been poured from your taps. Anyway, back to measuring coffee beans.

The Best Ways To Measure Coffee Beans Accurately

Although there are some people who turn their nose up at this method, the best and most accurate way to measure coffee beans and coffee grounds to make the most delicious cup of coffee is using a scale. The reason for this is because there is a wide selection of coffee beans varieties from all over the world.

Each individual coffee bean has its own unique set of personality traits and attributes. Most importantly, when it comes to measuring, they tend to all have different densities. That means the method of using volume can be flawed and won’t necessarily produce the most accurate results or the fullest cup of coffee.

It is best to weigh your coffee beans before you grind them and brew them.

With the Use of a Scale

On most coffee makers when you see a reference to coffee cups, it normally means 6-ounces. For a larger variety, it would be 9-ounces.

For just one cup of coffee, in a 6-ouncer, you will need to use 10.6 grams (0.38-ounces) of coffee beans. If you are interested, that works out as about 2 tablespoons of coffee that has been grounded.

Without the Use of a Scale

Although it is generally less accurate, you can measure coffee beans out without the use of a scale. For this method, you need to start by adding 4 tablespoons of beans to your coffee bean grinder.

Once you have grinded them down, you then need to add another two tablespoons for every cup you intend on making. Basically, add more beans until you’ve reached the required amount.

By keeping a close track or even written record of how many coffee beans you used in total, you will be able to cut to the chase and have a clearer idea of how many coffee beans you need to grind each time.


The ideal grams of coffee beans you need for that perfect cup of coffee falls somewhere between 7 grams and 10 grams, depending on who you speak to.

However, with the help of our guide above, you should be able to make some rather tasty cups of coffee with no hassle or worry about getting the weight right.