What is a V60 Coffee Maker?

The V60 Coffee Maker (also known as Hario V60 coffee maker) is a manual pour-over style coffee maker designed for a hands-on brewing experience that gives a user unmatched control over the brewing temperature and time.

This coffee maker has been around for over 15 years (since 2004). It is made by Hario in Japan and derives its name from its features i.e., V-shaped and sixty degrees angle. The Hario V60 is sold in four materials namely metal, plastic, glass and ceramic (most people’s favourite).

How does a V60 work?

As mentioned above, the Hario V60 is a pour-over style coffee maker. While the mechanism of the Hario V60 is straightforward i.e., you put coffee grounds in the filter and pour over water, there’s more to why the Hario V60 stands out from similar drip coffee makers today.

For instance, the Hario V60 features a heat-resistant body that retains the perfect temperature for brewing. The cone shape accentuates coffee better, extracting maximum flavour notes. Features such as spiral ribs in the coffee maker allow maximum coffee expansion, and the large single hole at the bottom can alter coffee taste depending on how fast hot water is flowing.

The coffee maker can make 1-6 cups depending on the size you choose. Just add your coffee grounds into the Hario v60 filters, which is located in the coffee maker, and add hot water. Allow 30 seconds before adding more water and allow another thirty seconds to draw down the water. Pour the coffee in a cup and enjoy. Here’s a detailed step-by-step Hario V60 coffee maker guide.

How to use a Hario V60? – A step-by-step guide 

How to use a Hario V60 - step 1

Step 1:

Position the V60 over a mug or jug. Place a filter into the coffee maker and with boiling water soak the filter paper and pour water away.

How to use a Hario V60 - step 2

Step 2:

Measure or weigh a desired quantity of freshly ground coffee beans 12-14g usely but due to the size of mug (and my taste) I have opted for 20g. This mug held approximately 200 ml of water.

note: The coffee needs to be pre-ground. However, the amount of coffee you should ultimately use is entirely up to a person’s taste and preference. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, take a look at our picks in our article here.

How to use a Hario V60 - step 3

Step 3:

Add the ground coffee to the filter paper and tap down to ensure the grounds are levelled off.

How to use a Hario V60 - step 4

Step 4 :

Pour over hot water. I tend to boil a kettle and leave it to stand for 2-3 mins to ensure it’s not going to scorch the coffee. Then I use a circular motion while pouring to try and ensure all the coffee is evenly covered.

How to use a Hario V60 - step 5

Step 5 :

Give the coffee ground a light stir once of twice throughout the extraction process and add a little more water if required. I personally don’t like to add large quantities in one go, as it could result in a mess if you misjudge the volume you mug holds. You are less likely to encounter this problem if you opt to use a serving jar.

The entire process takes approximately three minutes. Thirty seconds to pour hot water initially through the coffee grounds. Two-and-a-half minutes to complete pouring of hot water while keeping coffee grounds distributed and another thirty seconds to stir coffee (in the cone) and allow remaining coffee to drip through.

Cleaning is incredibly simple. Remove the filter and run hot water. The large hole (at the bottom) makes cleaning fast and simple.

How many cups does the V60 make?

The V60 Hario Coffee Maker comes in three main sizes. Size one can make one to two cups of coffee, size 2 can make one to four cups, while size three can make one to six cups.

You need pre-ground coffee to use the V60. In regards to capacity, the V60 can handle different batch sizes of ground coffee. You can use the size one to make a 75ml cup of coffee or the size three to make over a litre of coffee.

The quantity of coffee grounds dictates how much coffee you can make. For coffee shop tasting coffee, use 10-14g of coffee grounds for every 160ml of coffee.

V60 Ease of use

The V60 is incredibly easy to use. To begin with, you just need your coffee maker, coffee grounds, filters, hot water and a cup. If you wish to refine your coffee making a little more, you may wish to consider a thermometer to get the perfect water temperature for brewing (205 degrees Fahrenheit). A small kitchen weighing scale and stopwatch. All will come in handy when measuring the perfect quantity of coffee grounds and timing the entire process.

Making coffee doesn’t get easier for individuals who prefer manual brewing. The V60 Coffee maker stands out in many ways, from construction to the temperature control and end product.

How to use a Hario V60 - kit used

Where can I get a Hario V60?

The Hario V60 used in the step by step guide is the plastic 02 version along with the filter papers. If you are interested in these items or you’d like to view the Hario range please click here to check the current price and variety for sale at Amazon. Personally I have my eye on the Hario V60 Teal Coffee Dripper.

Potential problems with the V60 coffee maker

  • Opaque models: Some V60 coffee makers models are opaque, and you can’t see when your cup is about to overflow. However, this con can be solved easily by matching the coffee ground and water volumes precisely or buying a transparent v60 coffee maker.
  • Grounds getting through: If you don’t pre-fold filter seams properly, coffee grounds can pour into the coffee.
  • Max. of 6 cups: Some people have a problem with the fact that the V60 makes a maximum of 6 cups of coffee. If you’d like to make over 6 cups simultaneously, this coffee maker isn’t for you.

Alternatives to the V60 coffee maker

There are notable pour-style drip coffee makers on sale today that can be compared to the V60. They include;

Chemex Coffee Maker

The V60 has a more expensive competitor. The Chemex pour-over coffee maker stands out for making up to six cups. The coffee maker is also more sophisticated than most pour-over coffee makers on sale today.The glass material coupled with a wood neck and leather tie offers a stunning, sophisticated look and this is evident in the high pricing. Besides brewing coffee, the Chemex can double up as a carafe. The Chemex is for coffee makers who want a sophisticated looking pour-style coffee maker that is also easy to use and makes great-tasting coffee. Click here to check the price

  • Sophisticated look
  • Great construction
  • Multiple applications
  • Expensive
  • Glass material poses durability issues
Chemex jug

The Kajava Coffee Maker

The Kajava is a worthy cheaper alternative to the V60 coffee maker. This coffee maker looks the same as the V60. It also works the same but is limited to making two cups of coffee. The Kajava is also sold in one material-type (ceramic), while the V60 is sold in several material types. This pour-over coffee maker is a cheaper alternative to the V60 if you can do with two cups of tea per brew and prefer ceramic over glass and metal (copper coffee dripper). Click here to check the price.

  • Looks great
  • Great construction
  • Makes good coffee
  • Available in one material
  • Makes a max. of 2 cups

Kajava Coffee Maker

What to consider before buying a Drip coffee maker

When buying a pour-over style drip coffee maker, there are important considerations to make. The most important considerations include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Temperature control: The body should be designed to retain heat and allow a consistent temperature throughout a brewing cycle.
  • Material and construction: Drip-style coffee makers should also be made using durable material that retains heat. Ceramic is a great option. Material aside, the construction should allow other important things such as maximum coffee expansion and a near-perfect drain.
  • End product: What does the final product taste like?
  • Price: The price also needs to be “right”. Affordable compared to the price range of similar products in the market.

The V60 offers the best of what pour-style coffee makers have to offer. The variety in material and amount of coffee you can make suits most households. For the price of several cups of coffeeshop coffee, you can make your own coffee at home in minutes for life. The Hario V60 customer reviews attest to the coffee maker’s effectiveness in producing great-tasting coffee.